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Past Posts

Fri, 2019/04/05 - 1:41pm

SmileSIMTM will be hosting an online webinar to answer questions and share our proven strategies of how to best use SmileSIM to convert patients into profitable cosmetic cases. 

Attendees will also receive a special limited time code for an additional 10% off SmileSIM purchases. 

This webinar will be held on April 29th, 2019 at 7:30pm (EST). The webinar will be hosted by our own Dr. Scott Dudley, DMD, MSEd, MBA, FAGD. 

Sun, 2019/02/24 - 10:13pm

Whether GP or specialist, we find the vast majority of dentists we work closely with everyday tend to have one commonality. Almost all say they are spending a substantial portion of their monthly marketing budgets in search of people willing to accept cosmetic treatment.

Thu, 2019/02/07 - 4:14pm

Whether you're brand new to SmileSIM® or have been using our online service from the start, there is always room to improve cosmetic acceptance within your dental practice.

Mon, 2018/09/10 - 1:59pm

How many times do you find your patients opting for single-tooth restoration, when the benefit they would get from a more complete dental treatment is undeniable? 

Wed, 2018/08/01 - 4:58pm

Make SmileSIM even more accessible! Follow these simple tips to add the SmileSIM shortcut to your mobile device's home screen. It works like an app, but isn't downloaded and is free to add to your phone. Learn how you can get SmileSIM on your device!

Fri, 2018/07/20 - 3:09pm

Nothing will increase your case acceptance more than showing your patients what they could look like with an enhanced smile. With SmileSIM, we can preview your patient’s smile based on your proposed treatment plan, delivering a side-by-side comparison of their current smile, and one improved through your treatment. 

With SmileSIM, patients can see the value of their treatment. As a result, SmileSIM users are seeing their case acceptance rates increase by an average of 48% for high-value cases. 

Tue, 2018/07/17 - 9:23am

Many dentists who want to do more cosmetic dentistry struggle with how bring up these elective cosmetic dental treatments to their patients.

Wed, 2018/07/11 - 9:45am

SmileSIM does more than simply show patients their cosmetic possibilities.

Mon, 2018/07/09 - 2:06pm

We’re proud of the impact we have on the type of dentistry a practice is able to do.

Tue, 2018/05/08 - 12:43pm

SmileSIM is a powerful preview tool that uses lifelike visuals to drive treatment presentations. By helping patients visualize the outcome of their treatment before it begins, SmileSIM makes it easier to present effective treatment plans. Our goal is to revolutionize the way dentists communicate treatment plans to their patients, by empowering them with the ability to show the outcome before they even begin.

This case study examines the effect that SmileSIM has on case acceptance, and how it improves communicating treatment options to patients.