Leveraging the Power of SmileSIM®

Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 4:14pm

Whether you're brand new to SmileSIM® or have been using our online service from the start, there is always room to improve cosmetic acceptance within your dental practice. 

SmileSIM® has proven to help dental practices increase case acceptance and revenue since our inception in 2016. Elite Dental Group is a good example of this. By simply uploading a patient photo and treatment prescription, SmileSIM® enabled them to create more cosmetic dental opportunities and helped them move their patients towards more cosmetic dental treatments. Using SmileSIM® helped them boost their profitability by 25%. With SmileSIM®'s priced as low as $69 per preview and a success rate averaging nearly 50%, doing more cosmetic dentistry became effortless for Elite Dental Group.

At SmileSIM®, we feel dentists should only need to invest in the time and expense of full-scale treatment planning after a patient has bought-in to the treatment results. We offer patients an opportunity to "test drive" their cosmetic dental treatment by showing them how it would look on them. This saves dentists looking to do more cosmetic dentistry the time and money typically required to try to sell dentistry using wax-ups patients can't relate to and are unlikely to sell them on cosmetic enhancements.

Success with cosmetic dentistry boils down to this:

  1. Motivating patients who are reluctant to commit to cosmetic dental treatment.
  2. Making dental case presentations easy and affordable.
  3. Motivating as many prospects as possible with dental treatment previews.

SmileSIM® is proven to help dental practices become more profitable