A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 9:45am

SmileSIM does more than simply show patients their cosmetic possibilities

SmileSIM is a powerful dental previewing service designed to generate opportunities for dentists to do more cosmetic dentistry. Because this is the main purpose, many of SmileSIM’s other benefits are often overlooked.  SmileSIM does much more. 

With SmileSIM’s previews, you’ll show each patient the value of your dentistry. Because our previews help dentists more clearly convey treatment possibilities to their patients. Dentists who use SmileSIM regularly find it also helps them build rapport and cultivate engaging dialogue with their patients. This can otherwise be very difficult, especially with the need to explain things in a clinical nature. 

SmileSIM helps dentists engage with their patients

Thanks to our website's simple design, using SmileSIM is easy. So easy in fact, that many dentists find they can actually involve their patient in their own smile preview design. Experience shows, patients who feel they have a say in the decision-making process are more likely to move forward with treatment. By allowing patients to make some very simple decisions about their preview, like teeth shape and color, dentists find their patients better understand the process and value of the proposed treatment and are more engaged with the results. With a one-hour turnaround, doctors and patients can have immediate conversations about the previewed results. Since the patient is looking at a preview of themselves, they know instantly if the options they chose match their expectations, or what may need to be adjusted before moving forward with treatment. 

SmileSIM empowers the patient

By letting your patient be part of the process, they will better appreciate the end product. SmileSIM answers a lot of questions and let patients see what different treatments would do to their smile. That’s a big deal for any patient on the fence about cosmetic dentistry. Being able to see or compare different outcomes is an essential part of guiding the cosmetic conversation constructively. It leads to more comprehensive and restorative dentistry. Patients are put at ease and feel more confident by having a credible point of reference before making their treatment decision. 

SmileSIM proves a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s more than a tool to help patients visualize the outcome of their dental treatment. It’s also motivational and helps patients move from their current perception of treatment to the smile they’ve always wanted. The moment they make their first preview-related decision is most often the moment they realize they don't have to live with their current smile. It's when they realize improving their smile is actually possible!