Enhancing Dental Communication with SmileSIM

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - 9:23am

Many dentists who want to do more cosmetic dentistry struggle with how to bring up these elective cosmetic dental treatments to their patients. Even though they are confident in how life-changing their cosmetic treatments would be in certain patient cases, they often don’t want to come off as pushy. Bringing attention to flaws in a patient's smile, when it doesn’t fall under emergency care, can be a difficult conversation to navigate with the dentist feeling the need to avoid making their patient feel self-conscious, even though they know treatment would benefit them.

The disconnect between the dentist and patient…

For the typical dentist, not attaining more cosmetic cases can be a struggle that stems from an inability to lead into the conversation. The patient doesn’t know what’s possible. Their lack of knowledge makes it difficult to bridge the gap between their current understanding of their smile, and the cosmetic treatment improvements the dentist knows are possible. It’s getting to "yes" with those improvements that could make a world of difference in their relationships and their lives while simultaneously making the dentist better at helping others.

Helping patients visualize results before treatment happens…

Herein lies the problem. If your patient can’t visualize or easily understand the result of the cosmetic treatment you’re proposing, it’s challenging to have a credible dialogue about moving forward. Without providing this crucial level of visual understanding in the end result, both you and your patient are left with only the most uncomfortable obstacle to talk about –  cost. When the focus shifts to finances without understanding what they will get in return, expect a defensive stance.

“Patients need to look at themselves in order to believe these changes are possible”

Bridging the gap with SmileSIM…

Delivering powerful visual representations has never been easier or faster. By leading the conversation with a preview from SmileSIM, patient dialogue doesn’t begin with “How much does treatment cost?”. Instead, it begins with treatment clarity and this simple question: “Do you want your smile to look like this?” If the answer is yes, patients are proven to be more willing to find a way to accept high-value dentistry, regardless of the cost.

Learn how SmileSIM can improve your aesthetic discussions – try it today! Receiving powerful treatment previews are only a few clicks away;

  1. Upload a photo of your patient
  2. Take a minute to describe your treatment
  3. Receive your preview within an hour