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Our dental simulation service motivates patients to get dentistry done!

Motivate all your unmotivated patients. Communicate better with your lab and your colleagues. Do less 1-2 teeth dentistry. Increase your revenue by providing more value to your patients.

With SmileSIM® your patients will start asking YOU for dentistry.


We have revolutionized the way dentists talk to their patients!

Our simulation service helps patients visualize end results before dentistry begins.

Are you struggling with cosmetic case acceptance?

SHOW your patients what they could look like with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Nothing is more powerful or motivating to a patient than a side-by-side comparison of their current smile next to one enhanced by cosmetic dentistry, and our artists create the simulations for you. SmileSIM’s simulations will compel your patients to action. No other solution will increase your case acceptance or profitability more! 

Start showing your patients the true value of cosmetic dentistry.
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How Our Simulation Service Works

Compel patients to action with our case acceptance protocol.

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You Ask

Ask all your patients what they would change about their smile. Write down the shade of their anterior teeth.

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We Simulate

Take one photo with a high quality camera or smartphone. Upload it to our website and select treatment options.

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You Close!

Close the case when your patient sees what their smile could look like and understands the value of your treatment.

Deliver Winning Treatment Plans

A woman's smile morphs from before to after

Before to Simulation Animation

SmileSIM® customers have doubled their case acceptance!

Our impressive simulations allow patients to see their future. Our tested financial roadmap provides a path to making any treatment affordable!

Our powerful digital simulation package includes:

  • Simulated after image to go with your before image
  • A side-by-side simulation certificate to compare results
  • A morphing before and simulated after animation
  • Exclusive financial roadmap worksheet

The SmileSIM® system is a powerful treatment planning tool..

Dr. Dudley smiles with his hands out stretched

“The simple truth is that SmileSIM® should be used for every single patient who could benefit from a cosmetic improvement.”

- Dr. Scott Dudley - Owner

  • SmileSIM® is amazing. Our doctors find it so much easier to close large cases.

    Anne Hetz
    Practice Manager
  • Fabulous! This makes explaining treatment outcomes a breeze.

    Dr. Alyssa Hartman
    Elite Dental
  • My patients find it so much easier to make their decision.

    Dr. Jae Kim
  • Amazing, I do more of the kind of dentistry I enjoy!

    Dr. April Kern
  • Extremely detailed simulations.

    Dr. Stephanie Klassner
  • Being able to provide a financial roadmap is reason enough.

    Dr. Adam Goldstein


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why SmileSIM®?

    Four things set SmileSIM apart from competing services: universal, quality and control, presentation, cost.

    Read more about SmileSIM's unique product.

  • Do I really get my simulation in an hour?

    Yes. With a premium membership, if you request a simulation during our office hours of 9AM to 4PM CST, we will upload it to your account within 60 minutes or we’ll refund your credits. We hope to expand our availability in the future as the service grows. Without a premium membership our standard turnaround time is 24-48 hours.

  • Can I make changes to my simulation?

    Our simulations are guaranteed to be reflective of the prescription. Every effort will be made to emulate what is prescribed. To be fair to all our valued clients, and keep prices low, changes to original prescriptions will necessitate a redraw and associated charges. 

  • I have another question.

    No problem, just drop us an email at

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