Using SmileSIM To Guide and Educate Your Dental Patients

Monday, September 10, 2018 - 1:59pm

How many times do you find your patients opting for single-tooth restoration when the benefit they would get from a more complete dental treatment is undeniable? 

At SmileSIM, we talk with a lot of dentists and are constantly reviewing simulations notes. As a SmileSIM user, if you’ve only considered our service as a way to show full mouth cosmetic treatments, you’re likely leaving a lot of revenue on the table. 

We’re finding dentists across the country are significantly increasing their revenues by creating previews for those patients that are dead-set on only the minimum treatment required. As a dentist, in this case, a preview showing your patient the subpar results only doing the minimum treatment will yield can show them how unsatisfied they will be with the outcome. Our doctors tell us, this is often enough to make it clear how obvious considering a larger treatment becomes, and patients often take that step on their own. 

SmileSIM, used in any context, is all about helping your patients understand possible treatment outcomes, helping them make a better-educated treatment decision, faster. Showing a patient a preview puts everyone on the same page and with nearly a 50% conversion rate per case. Using SmileSIM to guide the cosmetic conversation is the smart option on both recall and new patients alike.