Here's How It Works:

SmileSIM works on a credit-based system. You earn five free credits just for signing up ($89 value). That’s enough credits to try your first SIM FREE. No credit card needed, no obligation to buy more credits, and credits do not expire. Sign up today and let SmileSIM’s service speak for itself.

Then, when you decide you’re ready to do more SIMs, purchase a credit pack below to fund your account.

All new patient SIMs cost 5 credits. If you want to show your patient more than one treatment option using the same photo, you can request another version for an additional 3 credits each.

On a per credit basis, our credit packs become progressively less expensive as the credit packs get larger. So, while a single SIM can be completed by purchasing 5 credits for $89, purchasing 125 credits effectively provides for 25 new patient SIMs at a cost of only $59 per case.

Whether you’re a small practice that handles occasional cosmetic and restorative opportunities or you’re a large practice that focuses mainly on large cosmetic dental cases, we have a credit package that will work for you.

Your first SIM is FREE with Signup ($89 value). No credit card needed. Afterwards, SIMs are as low as $59.


Sign up and get your first SIM free, no credit card needed.

Create an account

  • 5 Credits
    Purchase 5 credits to create one SIM for one patient.
  • 25 Credits
    Purchase 25 credits to create one or multiple SIMs for up to five patients.
  • 50 Credits
    Purchase 50 credits to create one or multiple SIMs for up to ten patients.
  • 125 Credits
    Purchase 125 credits to create one or multiple SIMs for up to 25 patients.