Using multiple SIM versions when presenting case proposals to your patients

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - 12:43pm

SmileSIM is a powerful preview tool that uses lifelike visuals to drive treatment presentations. By helping patients visualize the outcome of their treatment before it begins, SmileSIM makes it easier to present effective treatment plans. Our goal is to revolutionize the way dentists communicate treatment plans to their patients, by empowering them with the ability to show the outcome before they even begin.

This case study examines the effect that SmileSIM has on case acceptance, and how it improves communicating treatment options to patients.

The Problem

Communicating treatment plans can be complex. Relying on outdated, colorless impressions make explaining a patient’s financial options and treatment outcomes difficult. When a patient can’t envision their new smile, they can’t make a confident, well-informed decision to proceed with the proposed treatment plan. 

Using traditional impressions require external sources that make for longer wait times, and impedes on your practice’s workflow. Furthermore, making impressions creates communication gaps between design and lab teams and can cause inconsistencies between impressions and a patient’s outcome.

The SmileSIM Solution

SmileSIM counteracts the pain points of traditional case presentation. By using lifelike previews to guide treatment presentation, patients can actually see what they would look like with different treatment options before they even begin treatment. 

SmileSIM is designed to work with any office’s workflow. Through a user-friendly online interface and a skilled team of digital artists, anyone can use the service. By simply taking a few minutes to upload the patient’s photo and fill out a treatment form online, our team of designers can create multiple previews of your treatment for you. 

Since SmileSIM provides a comprehensive outline that guides the design and lab process, it effectively bridges any gaps in communication that would result in reworking and inconsistencies. 

See the Difference

This dentist was able to show his patient three previews that demonstrated three options for enhancing their smile. It provided a before-and-after comparison to fully visualize the benefits of different treatments. The dentist was able to do this by uploading his patient’s photo and the different treatment options he wanted to present. Within an hour of submission, SmileSIM designed three lifelike versions for the dentist to present to his patient.

SmileSIM #1


This preview shows what the patient’s smile would look like if they had the best possible canine tooth to fit the space of the baby tooth, and making it the same color as their adjacent teeth with a little whitening. This demonstrates matching the posterior teeth.

SmileSIM #2


This preview assumes we make the front six teeth symmetrical and lightly bleach them.

SmileSIM #3


This preview demonstrated an all-around, brighter smile. With this treatment, all teeth would be whitened and shaped. The posterior teeth would be matched as well.

Progress & Results

SmileSIM helped to guide this patient’s treatment presentation, making it easy to understand and clearly showing how the different options impact the end result. Dentists that have used the SmileSIM service have seen an average increase of 48% in case acceptance.