SmileSIM Converts Prospects to Patients

Friday, July 20, 2018 - 3:09pm

Nothing will increase your case acceptance more than showing your patients what they could look like with an enhanced smile. With SmileSIM, we can preview your patient’s smile based on your proposed treatment plan, delivering a side-by-side comparison of their current smile, and one improved through your treatment. 

With SmileSIM, patients can see the value of their treatment. As a result, SmileSIM users are seeing their case acceptance rates increase by an average of 48% for high-value cases. 

Because SmileSIM is a service, there’s no software to install and nothing to learn. Uploading a patient’s photo takes less than a minute, and can be done by anyone in your office. In under an hour, we return a powerful before and after preview, in multiple formats, that you or a staff member can easily review with the patient.

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