Elite Dental Adds Transparency with SmileSIM

Monday, July 9, 2018 - 2:06pm

We’re proud of the impact we have on the type of dentistry a practice is able to do. Elite Dental, in Arlington, VA recently ran a feature on ARLnow.com, and of all the things they could have talked about, they chose to tell people about how they utilize SmileSIM to provide a more transparent and rewarding patient-experience.

Elite Dental is using SmileSIM to lead their patients toward the smile they’ve always wanted and empowering them in the process. SmileSIM allows Elite Dental to show their patients what moving forward with aesthetic treatment can do for them. They've chosen SmileSIM because it makes understanding cosmetic dentistry clearer and ultimately makes patients more confident in their decision to accept treatment.

“By previewing possible outcomes first, patients can see and understand results before choosing to accept and move forward with treatment.” – ARLnow.com

Learn more about how Elite Dental uses SmileSIM to create a transparent experience for their patients! Read the full article here: