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A step by step guide on how to use the SmileSIM service.

User Guide
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A handy guide on how to
take excellent photos.

Photo Standards
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Sample Photo Release
and Consent.


How to…

Your Account

How to add/remove credit cards

Visit Your SIMs page and in the Your Profile Section, select view your credit cards. You may add and remove from the page you are redirected to from there.

How to add credits to your account

You may either visit the pricing page and make your selections or navigate to Your Simulations page. The green box on the left side that displays your credits information contains a button to purchase credits. Add the number of credits you'd like, then follow the checkout steps in your cart.

How to change your contact info

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the "edit profile" link in the menu at the top
  3. Edit your information
  4. Save

How to check your subscription

While logged in, navigate to Your SIMs page, then in the Your Profile section on the left side, there is a link that says 'View your subscriptions'.

Your SIMs

Can I make changes to my simulation?

Our simulations are guaranteed to be reflective of the prescription. Every effort will be made to emulate what is prescribed. To be fair to all our valued clients, and keep prices low, changes to original prescriptions will necessitate a redraw and associated charges. 

How to request an additional version

  1. Go to your user page
  2. Make sure you have at least 3 credits to create an additional version. If not, purchase more.
  3. Search for the case you want a redraw for and click “view”
  4. Click the “Add a version” button
  5. Fill out the fields
  6. Click save

How to download a SmileSIM®

Navigate to Your SIMs page, view the simulation you wish to download, the options to download your before image, simulation, certificate, and animation are located on the view page.

How to check the status of SmileSIM®

Visit Your SIMs page. On your list of cases, the status of the simulation will be listed after the date, order number, and patient name.

How to request a SIM

Follow our User Guide located on this page or on Your SIMs page.