Why SmileSIM™?

Four things set SmileSIM apart from competing services: universal, quality and control, presentation, cost.

  1. Universal. SmileSIM™ is not associated with a lab, so dentists are free to use any lab that they want to create for the patient what SmileSIM previewed. We encourage dentist to provide their SmileSIM to their labs for better results. 
  2. Quality and Control. SmileSIM™'s image quality cannot be matched, both for portrait and closeup cases. All photos are custom cropped an edited for best-presenting quality. Moreover our SmileSIM™ previews are fully customizable and are not all the same. They are more accurate because the dentist fills out a prescription detailing what they want to preview. Despite taking less than a minute to upload a full case, there is nothing cookie-cutter or animated about it! 
  3. Presentation. Our certificate and GIF morphing presentation formats are superior ways to live present, or email, contrasting "before" pictures with proposed treatment previews. Far exceeding anything on the market, quality digital previews are returned to the user in less than 1 hr.  
  4. Cheaper. SmileSIM™ is offered to the public for as low as $69 per sim, which is not a use-it or lose-it subscription. Credits never expire. SmileSIM™ is both the least expensive and best value on the market!